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Want to live a vibrant, long and happy life free of pain and discomfort? That’s our mission, purpose and promise to our patients.

Live Long, Healthy & Vibrant.. in that order.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic manipulation of your neck and back are minor movements of vertebrae in the spine, that serve to realign and increase overall movement, thereby decreasing restrictions due to inactivity or trauma.  Our methods are gentle, comprehensive and we use the latest techniques.


Spinal Decompression Therapy

Non-surgical spinal decompression utilizes a specialized decompression table to relieve debilitating pain due to fixated, bulging, degenerating, or herniated vertebral discs, thus enabling inter-vertebral disc tissue to freely move back into place and heal.

Acoustic Sound Wave Treatment

The Miracle Wave® Acoustic Sound Wave is a cutting-edge, non-invasive acoustic treatment system utilizing sound waves (acoustic pulses) initiating a healing effect on musculoskeletal aches and pains due to chronic or repetitive stress injuries.

Holistic Injury Rehabilitation

The latest research shows that long term successful and sustainable injury rehabilitation must encompass the entire musculoskeletal system.  We believe in the whole body approach to rehabilitation to include all related joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. 

Whole Body Vibration

WBV has been an accepted form of exercise in many Chiropractic and Physical Therapy clinics, gyms and other healthcare facilities. It is beneficial for several reasons including enhanced proprioception, muscle fiber recruitment, and increased muscle tissue blood supply.

Fitness and Nutritional Counseling

The two are connected. True long-lasting health is attained by addressing habits that will enhance your overall well-being. We have helped hundreds of patients make the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes and are confident we can do the same for you.

Rejuvenating Therapy Spotlight

Acoustic Wave Therapy treats a variety of conditions and helps improve patient outcomes including, but not limited to:

  • Chronic or Acute Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Poor Circulation
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Soft Tissue Injury & Damage

The best part? Treatment with non-invasive acoustic sound wave results in little to no side effects and no downtime. This means you are able to quickly resume daily activities and lifestyle. No more worrying about post-treatment side effects.

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“Dr. Reichardt, an ’83 graduate of National College of Chiropractic, opened his first office in Malibu in 1984 and was one of the first Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians in the U.S. in 1986.”

Christian Reichardt, D.C.

CCSP / Chiropractor

“Dr. Nathan, an ’88 graduate of Cleveland College of Chiropractic, is an advanced CranioSacral Therapist. The gentle nature of this technique makes it suitable for newborns to elderly patients.”

Elana Nathan, D.C.

Craniosacral Therapist

“Dr. Larinde, a ’96 graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, specializes in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, helping guide patients to make a complete and long lasting recovery”

Mark Larinde, D.C.

Injury Rehabilitation / Chiropractor

Kathleen N.

“I was in a car accident and I didn’t have much pain the first day of the accident but by the third day my body was inflamed and i was in a lot of pain. My muscle joints needed to be loosen up. At the beginning I had the electronic pulse massager pads on my problem areas. Gradually the doctors had me do exercises which helped me greatly! I had great improvement in my body since going to the Center of Health. There is no amount of words that can express the gratitude and thanks i have for the staff at Center for Health.”

Doug V.

“I met Dr. Christian Reichardt at an acting class where he gave a presentation and I immediately clicked with his approach. Since starting my treatment I have received chiropractic work and have learned stretching exercises with some therapy thrown in. I feel 100% better!!! Each time I have a session with him, I can tell that I am improving physically and I want to strive to improve even more! I have experienced wrong chiropractors over the years and Dr. Reichardt is by far the best I’ve ever seen! He takes the entire body and life circumstances into consideration with his practice. He truly is a healer.”

Carole A.

“I suffered from ongoing knee, hip, and shoulder pain (rotator cuff). I receive Acoustic Pulse Wave Therapy, use the vibration machine, am given instructions for different exercises and diet, and get adjustments. My knee and hip are 100% better! My shoulder is 90% improved! Excellent care!”

Jennifer S.

“I was in a car accident on the 10 freeway I’ve been receiving regular adjustments and getting stretched out. I’m feeling fantastic!! My posture is better and i feel better as a whole. The staff is so supportive and helpful and very accommodating. I quit smoking and quit drinking red bull and I love hearing the staff encourage me to continue my healthier lifestyle.”

John M.

“Two people I know had shoulder work done on scar tissue problems and both guys had excellent results. I was receiving sound wave therapy along with chiropractic adjustments. This start of the art equipment is is excellent which i have seen in the clinics i’ve been to. I am feeling more flexible when i’m walking, less pain when i’m driving long distances. I feel i’m getting excellent care and attention. My overall attitude is getting better because of the treatments.”

D. Howley

“I came into Center for Health because of my lower back pain and left hip pain. I was getting adjusted and the Vibration treatment and stretching. I’m feeling so much better!”

Gary M.

“I first came in to Center for Health for lower back pain. Since starting my treatment I’ve been doing stretching exercises, the whole body vibration, Acoustic Pulse Wave, and I have also been swimming. After a year and a half, I’m 99% pain free, am still stretching and getting monthly treatments.”

Mark F.

“I was referred by a friend to Center for Health. I had been suffering with chronic back/hip pain for years. I have been receiving Chiropractic adjustments, life-balance coaching, nutritional recommendations, stretching techniques, as well as the Ultrasound therapy treatments on my back. Since starting my treatment, I have been feeling much, much better. In fact, my friends tell me that they notice I walk with better posture than I have in years. I no longer have the “John Wayne” swaggering gait when I walk. While I never knew that my gait was noticeable, my friends and family were well aware of it (now they tell me!). While I am still working on improving my flexibility and repairing minor injuries here and there, I am much better off now than before coming to Dr. Reichardt. I highly recommend him to my friends, family and coworkers.”

Clarissa S.

“I first went to Center for Health for increasing back pain with scoliosis. I was very impressed with the team. Everyone takes the time to improve your health and get you feeling better. Since i started coming to Center for Health i’ve been treated by adjustments, trigger point therapy and a beautiful massage. I am feeling much better since i started coming. My back feels better and i am not in as much pain. I really do thank everyone and appreciate all you do from the personal greetings at the door.”

Ken H.

“I have suffered from back and neck pain since I was 17 years old.  I mean 50 years of pain, and I had to have a chiropractor in my life all those years. Some bad, some worse.  Then I came across Christian and Center for Health.  At this point I not only have back pain, but pain and numbness going down both legs and torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders.  Guess what—after two months I no longer have back or leg pains or shoulder pains, I sleep at night.  I no longer depend on morphine or any other pain pills to get through the day.  Thank you to Christian and his staff.  They really care and it shows.  I’m proof.”

Jerry P.

“I was refered to Center for Health by a friend / long-time patient. I feel fantastic! I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments, shown in home/work exercises, and have been given explanations/ reason for my injuries. Dr. Reichardt’s treatments, adjustments, and personality are five stars. He’s the best whom I would recommend to anyone.”

Ron S.

“I hurt my back by lifting too much weight.  Had an MRI done and found an annular disc bulging, sciatic nerve damage, and severe arthritis in my low back.  My doctor says not much that could be done.  I was on crutches and in pain.  I went to see Center for Health and saw Dr. Christian Reichardt.  Dr. Reichardt and his staff worked on me with ther equipment.  They got me off crutches and back on my bike.  I feel so much better.  I would recommend their services to anyone.”

About Us

Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain long lasting health and vitality. Our purpose is to give you results lasting long into the future, enabling you to live a life without the need for drugs and surgery.

As holistic doctors, we place a strong emphasis on prevention of disease. Our goal is to help you achieve vibrant wellness by promoting healing on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We work with many patients who experience pain and a variety of other health issues. Taking a holistic approach to each of our patients, we evaluate your physical, mental and bio-chemical state. Our comprehensive assessments and treatments are personalized for you and take into account each patient’s uniqueness and lifestyle stressors.

Each treatment program utilizes a variety of effective and affordable therapies, with periodic re-assessments to determine how your system is responding and then tailored to reach and maintain your optimal outcome.

When you choose the Santa Monica Center for Health and Longevity as your health care facility, you are assured of receiving the finest quality care through the use of modern equipment, technology and a solid wellness philosophy. Utilizing the principles of chiropractic and healthy living, our approach has had a significant impact on more than 13,000 patients.

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